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Olive Italiane

The best olives from different Italian Regions

Fruity, crunchy, tender and intense, a new exciting way to explore new tastes around Italy.

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Olive verdi

Green Olives

Olive nere

Black Olives

Olive di Gaeta

Gaeta Olives

Olive Nocellara di Castelvetrano

Nocellara di Castelvetrano Olives

Olive Bella di Cerignola

Bella di Cerignola Olives

Mix olive italiane

Italian Olive Selection

Calabria, our land

Our products are rich of fresh ingredients, harvested at the peak of their flavour

Hand-picked and hand-selected

Traditional Sauces according to the Italian tradition

We do soffritto like the Italian mums

Simple but fundamental steps: the soffritto sauté makes our sauces an authentic Italian culinary experience

A various and verstatile offer


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